“Pay No Attention” @ Prairie Gallery

"Pay No Attention" Bunk News installation/artshow

@ Prairie Gallery

Cincinnati, Ohio



Bunk News transformation of Prairie Gallery into a surreal office building inviting the viewer to explore the space. Upon walking up the gallery stairs the viewer entered the waiting room which displayed paintings on the wall and large wood cut-out characters in two of the corners. In the front corner was a secretary standing at her desk beneath floating ceiling tiles and a metal trap door. Periodically, a white gloved hand would open the door and request paperwork or offer a whiskey bottle. The secretary poured the guests drinks and offered copies of a vague aptitude test for people to fill out.  In the final corner, the viewer could walk through the opening into a curtained hallway containing xerox plaques of  animal/human hybrid CEOs. A jumble of waiting room music and sounds envelopes the hallway. Once past a floor-to-ceiling wall of packaging boxes, the hallway opens into the final room which emits a deep hum. A red carpet leads toward an enormous oversized desk. The face of the desk is a pyramid of mouse traps encased in wood boxes with folded dollar bills as bait. The viewer is invited to sit behind the desk on an elevated platform under video projections of a pyramid of eyeballs. Once seated, the viewer faces an enormous eyeball painted on the adjacent wall.

This installation ended with a performance by JIM SWILL and EVOLVE PROJECT in the large final room consisting of a distorted pre-recorded monologue being delivered with bacon filled pantyhose obscuring their faces.

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