Rootwire Music and Arts Festival 2011

Bunk installation at Rootwire Music and Arts Festival 2011

@ Kaeppner's Woods (Logan, Ohio)

 Bunk installation featuring a circular  space enclosed by a patchwork wall. The interior is composed of three large wooden cutout characters arranged around the perimeter and three smaller characters in a central triangle. Hanging lights attach all the larger characters to eachother and also to totem poles behind the smaller characters. The smaller characters feature a video screen eyeball enclosed in a mirrored infinity box that the viewer can put their head into a see themselves repeated endlessly. A mandala centers the installation and is the seating area in addition to a few wooden seats.

Root2-10root2-13 Root2-6 Root2-3 Root2-4 Root2-11 Root2-1 Root2-2  Root2-8 Root2-7Root2-9root2-12 Root2-5