Rootwire Music and Arts Festival 2013

Bunk installation at Rootwire Music and Arts Festival 2013 (Hosted by Papadosio)@ Kaeppner's Woods (Logan, Ohio)2013

Geometric chalk outlines on grass leading up to geodesic dome. Opening flanked by two hands with eyes in palms holding taught a jacobs ladder made out of string, with a third eye rear-projected onto screen on back of dome. Wheatpasted mandala design on rotating wooded wheel on ground in the center surrounded by LED lights. Wheel rotates by button which activates fan and spins the mandala, lighting the LEDs around the perimeter. String connects vertices in dome around the edges and top, extending outward to points corresponding with points in the chalked outlines on the grass. Tiki torches are places at vertices around the outside perimeter of the dome.